2 out of 3 women

would like to try

the latest makeup trends.

So we developed


MUD Make-Up Design brings beauty buyers a range of colour cosmetics that offer affordable, achievable and convenient access to the BEST seasonal colours and on-trend looks from the runway to the streets.   

Our range of products and hues are on top of the latest trends in make-up innovation and cover every woman’s beauty bag needs. Ranging from RRP $3 to $12, we aim to encourage all women to experiment with the latest looks, and to never think twice about keeping your beauty essentials fully stocked.

Through our simple tips found on our packaging and online platforms, we want to show women that you too can design aspirational beauty and recreate all of your favourite make-up trends. Winged liner? No problem.

Available exclusively to Woolworths stores, shopping for cosmetics has never been so easy.

Stay ahead with the latest beauty looks & designs